Goharbin descends from a family of prominent Iranian jewellers with a background in this business stretching back over a century. Generations of the Goharbin family have employed their expertise and passion for selecting the finest & rarest stones and turning them into timeless treasures. As one of the country’s leading independent family businesses, Goharbin has developed a reputation for its magnificent collection of fine jewellery as well as its sophisticated designs & unrivalled craftsmanship. With an exclusive loyal clientele throughout Iran and abroad, Goharbin is dedicated to its heritage, values and skills in crafting high-end & glamorous jewelleries. We apply the highest of standards and use the finest stones to create pieces to be cherished & enjoyed for generations to come.


The Goharbin family began their passion for setting diamonds into sinuous jewels in 1860 and it was Mahmood Goharbin who eventually opened the first Goharbin jewellery store in Tehran in 1921 shifting the business onto a whole new direction. Ever since then, the name ‘Goharbin’ has been synonymous with marvellous collections of exquisite gems and classic diamonds. The ancestors of the Goharbin family highly believed in the spiritual mystique and glamour of precious stones and the joy of absorbing and conveying their poetic energy. To this day, Maison Goharbin, has been carrying and protecting the family’s heritage, its inspirational philosophy and approach. Honouring their eternal beauty, Goharbin is now home to a wondrous collection of sophisticated jewellery preserved not only as pieces of art but also as true symbols of elegance, love and diligence.


Throughout the decades, Goharbin has lovingly handpicked and archived a magnificent, rare and precious collection of gemstone and classic diamond jewelleries. The variety of colours, sizes and the history behind these rarities are the testimony to the care and passion applied for their careful acquisition through the years. Goharbin’s ‘Antique Collection’ stimulates our imaginations & takes us to the alluring world of stories and fables – a collection acquired by care and presented with love


With a carefully handpicked archive of jewels and diamonds for their exceptional purity and sparkle, and with over a century experience in pioneering techniques of jewellery-making, Goharbin is famed in the industry for its signature designs and its state of the art craftsmanship. Whether using gold, platinum, diamonds or gemstones, our master jewellers create each piece with utmost dexterity in our workshops using a variety of masterful techniques and equipment in order to transform the designs into timeless pieces of art. Dedicated to study and research, Goharbin’s design inspirations come from Middle-Eastern motifs, cultural symbols and contemporary Western designs and patterns. Goharbin’s creations reflect the family’s philosophy and taste for fine beauty, glamour and elegance.